When to take Kids in for Eye Exams

How early did you have glasses or your first eye exam? Chances are you had some sort of test in grade school, but those aren’t very accurate.

The truth is, many parents simply don’t know when the best time is to take their kids in for vision exams. However, 5-10% of preschool-aged kids and 25% of kids in grade school have vision problem they may not be aware of, simply because they’re too young to know they’re not seeing correctly.

If you want to be as aggressive as possible with eye exams, you can follow the advice of the American Optometric Association, which says that infants need an eye exam at six months. The next exam should be at three years old, followed by an exam right before they begin first grade.

This may seem overkill, but just like with any other medical condition, the earlier you can detect vision problems in your children, the better off they’ll be. It’ll help them improve hand-eye coordination when they can see properly, and it’s easier to focus when you have clear vision as well. These are very important for young kids still developing.

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