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Complete Vision Products

At Best Care Vision in O’Fallon, Missouri, we provide comprehensive eye care for all ages. Our opticians strive to give you the best eye care products available, from contact lenses to using the best technology to keep your eyes healthy. Contact us to ask about the products we offer!

Girl with GlassesLenses & Coatings

We offer the following lenses and coatings for your glasses:

  • Anti-Reflective Coating – Anti-reflective coatings increase light transmission through your lenses up to 99.5% and eliminates glare and reflections and “ghost images.” This makes it easier for you to see and for others to see your eyes. This type of coating is especially helpful for computer screens and night driving.
  • Bifocal & Trifocal Lenses – When different lenses are needed for seeing at different distances, we recommend traditional and progressive no-line bifocal and trifocal lenses. Bifocals and trifocals incorporate different areas for close viewing (like reading) and distance viewing (such as driving) into one lens.  Newer progressive no-line bifocals and trifocals incorporated the different viewing areas into one lens without visible lines.
  • Cosmetic or Specialty Tints – We can use cosmetic and specialty tints to make your glasses a stylish fashion accessory. There are a variety of shades and colors available… something for every personality.
  • High Index Lenses – High index lenses are newly available, much thinner and lighter than more traditional glass lenses. There are three kinds of high index lenses:
    • Polycarbonate – Polycarbonate is the most popular type of high-index plastic. It is very strong, light and resistant to breaking and scratching, perfect for sports lenses
    • Mid-Index – Some high index materials are classified by numbers. The higher numbered lenses are thinner and lighter. Lower numbered lenses such as 1.54, 1.56 and 1.57 are still thinner than glass and nearly as strong.
    • High-Index – High index lenses range from 1.53-1.74 and are much thinner than regular glass or plastic.
  • Photochromics – Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to UV rays. Many different varieties are available and can be customized to your needs.
  • Polarized Lenses – Polarized lenses eliminate almost all glare which reduces eye strain and increases visibility in sunny conditions. These lenses are very beneficial for outdoor activities like fishing, jogging, biking, and driving.
  • Scratch Resistant Coating – Scratch resistant coatings should be considered for resin lenses which are more susceptible to scratches. Resin lenses and are much more durable when combined with scratch resistant coatings.
  • Specialty Lenses – We offer a variety of specialty lenses such as computer glasses which reduce Computer Vision Syndrome, lenses for safety glasses, sportswear, and more.

We carry a wide variety of frames and sunglasses for all lifestyles

Contact Lenses & Solutions

There are so many different types of contact lenses available today; something for everyone! Here are some of the available options:

  • Conventional Soft Lenses – Conventional soft contact lenses are worn during the day and removed at night. They are usually cleaned weekly.
  • Frequent Replacement Soft Lenses – Frequent replacement soft lenses are similar to conventional lenses except that they are usually replaced monthly.
  • Disposable Soft Lenses – Disposable soft lenses are much more popular than conventional soft lenses and are available in two weeks, one week, and one-day disposables.
  • Soft Colored Contact Lenses – Soft colored contact lenses allow you to change your eye color. There are many different colors available.
  • Bifocal Soft Lenses – Many older patients can successfully wear bifocal soft lenses if they need bifocals but don’t want to wear glasses.
  • Toric Soft Lenses – In the past, patients with astigmatisms had to wear glasses. But today, toric soft lenses can be used to correct astigmatism conditions if the patient would prefer contact lenses over glasses.
  • Extended Wear Soft Lenses – Extended-wear soft lenses are new technology that allows more oxygen to the eye and can be worn longer than traditional lenses. Some versions may be worn up to 30 days, day and night, without removal.
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses – RGP lenses are a good alternative for people who cannot wear soft lenses. They are available in specialized designs to correct many different kinds of vision disorder.


 Best Care Vision has invested in the most advanced technology that enables us to discover subtle changes in the eye related to glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and a wide variety of diseases that might affect the back of the eye.

Octopus 600

The Octopus 600 is a cutting-edge visual field analysis instrument that uses the pulsar test method for mapping the peripheral field of vision, helping in early diagnosis and management of glaucoma and some other eye diseases.

Octopus 600
Visionix VX55

Visionix VX55

The Visionix VX55 is a new type of phoropter featuring the simplicity and comfort of a manual phoropter with Bluetooth wireless communication between the head and the tablet. Your eye doctor uses this machine to determine your eyeglass prescription. This new technology finally replaces the big old clunky phoropter devices that have been used since the 1920s.


The Canon RK-F2 Autorefractometer-Keratometer automatically aligns, acquires the readings and then moves over to the opposite eye to perform the same function using the Full Auto mode. It measures the refractive power of the eye and also the curvature of the front surface of the eye; these measurements are very important in prescribing glasses and contact lenses.

Autorefractometer Keratometer


The Canon TX-20 Full Auto Tonometer easily measures Intraocular Pressure (IOP) allowing doctors to perform simple eye exams efficiently while enhancing patient comfort with a soft air puff. This test is important in evaluating ocular conditions that affect the pressure inside of an eye, such as Glaucoma. Whenever high IOP is detected, a warning message is displayed.